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Wie o wie?

Boboka ontmoette onlangs een Engelse collega kater die wat had gezworven door ons land.

Hij vertelde zijn ervaring:

In the Netherlands, in practise young women run the country, mostly students who work to pay for their education and to have some money for leisure and modern clothing. You will find them at the check out at the supermarket and as a waitress in the cafés and restaurants. Jobs in which you learn to deal with the diverse public. What do people ask, how to cope with their emotions. They enjoy it when I purr in their arms and hug me. Elderly men still are the decision makers. From a distance they observe the accounts and consider whether the earnings are sufficiently profitable. Contact with society is limited to company spread sheets and the newspaper. And the problem is: they don’ t like cats!

Zou die kater het juist zien?

Wie weet!


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